WSB places #43 on Zweig’s Hot Firm List 

June 2, 2023

WSB was recently named a 2023 Hot Firm by the Zweig Group for the tenth consecutive year. The list honors the fastest growing firms in the AEC industry in the U.S. and Canada. The chosen companies have surpassed both the economy and their competitors to emerge as frontrunners in their respective industries. Ranking is based on three-year growth in revenue, by both percentage and growth. WSB ranks #43 on this year’s list.  

Hot Firm #43

The Zweig Group is the leading research, publishing, and advisory services resource for firms in the AEC industry. The Zweig Group’s awards programs recognize and celebrate top AEC industry firms in several categories.  Winners will be recognized at the 2021 Elevate AEC Conference in November. 

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Fargo Office Exterior

WSB Fargo Expansion: Investing in the Future of North Dakota’s Infrastructure and Communities

May 31, 2023

By Jess Karls, Director of Transportation Design

WSB’s investment in North Dakota represents an exciting opportunity for current and potential clients in the region. With the opening of the new Fargo office, we have shown our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that benefit the local infrastructure and surrounding communities. This investment will enable WSB to expand its services, leading to the execution of more projects and improved project delivery.

WSB’s investment in North Dakota is particularly meaningful to me and why I chose to join the firm. The firm’s emphasis on using cutting-edge technology to shape projects and the positive impact our final products deliver to communities is one of the reasons I am excited to be part of WSB. I look forward to what the future holds for the new Fargo location.

Meeting Community Infrastructure Needs

One of the key benefits of WSB’s investment in North Dakota is the opportunity to work on projects that positively impact the local community, like Trunk Highway 10 and 75. Projects that help with the flow of traffic, support small businesses and improve the lives of residents while supporting our clients is a top priority. We listen to the community’s needs and desires and are eager to work with local and state governments to help improve infrastructure.

This expansion also presents exciting long-term prospects, including the potential to work with tribal, cities, counties, utilities and Department of Transportation (DOT) organizations.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

The Fargo team will help WSB’s comprehensive services grow, providing clients in Western Minnesota, along the North Dakota border and even South Dakota with access to many experts. The new location is strategically placed in the same community as North Dakota State University to attract new talent into the workforce. Our commitment to positively impacting communities through building what’s next in infrastructure can inspire and retain talent who see the value in this work.


What sets WSB apart from other firms is our commitment to fostering an environment that supports engineers and problem-solving. This approach leads to advanced project delivery and innovative solutions. By taking educated risks, we are not afraid to be the first out the door and deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

By listening our clients’ needs and recruiting and retaining top talent in the industry, we are well-positioned to deliver innovative solutions that benefit local infrastructure and surrounding communities for many years to come.

Jessica brings 15 years of experience in roadway design and ROW planning. She brings expertise in innovative design that minimizes environmental impact, improve safety and mobility, while balancing construction costs, constructability, and service life of the project. Her comprehension of design and leadership abilities empowers design teams to work efficiently, while providing an elevated level of quality. Jessica will focus efforts on driving growth and expansion in our North Dakota market and will be based in our Fargo office. She will also support the entire Transportation division and help manage large scale transportation projects. | 701.400.4552

Round Rock Boardroom

WSB strengthens Texas presence with the opening of its fourth Texas office in Round Rock  

The fast-growing design and consulting firm established a presence in Texas in 2017 and has since expanded to four offices with an additional space opening soon.

May 16, 2023

Round Rock Boardroom

WSB, a design and consulting firm, announced the opening of their new office in Round Rock, Texas. Just north of Austin, the establishment of this office allows WSB’s presence to grow in the area and further invest in the region. The new 4,500-square-foot space is located in La Frontera Plaza.

“Texas is the fastest growing state in the U.S.,” said Steve Lindsey, WSB’s director of transportation planning. “With new developments and increasing growth— Williamson County’s infrastructure needs support, and we have the innovation and capabilities to deliver. We’re excited for the opportunity to continue to service the region, and we especially look forward to increasing our connections within the Williamson County community.”

WSB first entered Texas in 2017 with the establishment of their Austin office. Nearly six years later, the firm is proud to continue investing in the region. The strategic office expansion and location of the Round Rock office is appealing because of its accessibility to local clients and staff, and it is conveniently placed where the work is needed.

The Round Rock office will assist with the development of infrastructure in the fast-growing region—expanding the firm’s services across the government, commercial and energy markets. In doing this, WSB will continue to build their team and support advanced project delivery in the area.

“We recognize that Round Rock is a key part of Texas’ booming economy, and we’d like to continue supporting that growth,” said Jay Kennedy, WSB’s vice president of Texas operations. “Not only do we welcome the opportunity to work with new and existing clients, but we look forward to the potential that this location has to offer. In a place developing as fast as Williamson County, we are eager to focus on work in the region and help bring cutting-edge solutions to support modern infrastructure.”

WSB has been working in the Williamson County community for years supporting the cities of Georgetown and Cedar Park with their infrastructure needs. Additionally, WSB continues to work on the high-profile Corridor J project and CR 201.

WSB Ranks #178 on Engineering News Record’s Top 500 Design Firms List

April 28, 2023

WSB is honored to be ranked #178 on Engineering News Record’s (ENR) Top 500 Design Firms. This is the 11th consecutive year WSB has been ranked on the list, and we are proud to be included.

Each year, ENR completes an annual survey that ranks companies throughout the United States according to the revenue for design services performed. Covering topics such as business management, design, construction methods, technology, safety, law, legislation, environment and labor, ENR provides industry professionals with information to do their jobs more effectively.

Since WSB’s inception, we have dedicated ourselves to the value of strong relationships, collaboration and forward-thinking ideas. We aim to discover innovative solutions that look beyond the needs of today’s infrastructure and prepare us and our clients for the future.

WSB staff and their ambitious ideas and work ethic are what allows this company to continue to thrive. We would like to thank our staff for their diligent efforts and for advancing WSB and the industry. We look forward to continued partnerships with clients and building what’s next in infrastructure.

More information on ENR’s Top 500 Design Firms List is discussed in the article.


Q & A with Amy Fredregill | Earth Month 2023- Using Sustainability to Invest in our Planet

April 24, 2023

By Amy Fredregill, Sr. Director of Sustainability, WSB

In honor of Earth Month 2023, Amy Fredregill, Sr. Director of Sustainability, discusses the way we are advancing sustainable outcomes through our work. At WSB, we believe there can be a sustainability lens to every project. Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on the impact we can make with our client projects and operations to create a more prosperous, resilient future.

What does a sustainable community look like, and how does our work support it?

Sustainability is like a three-legged stool, it balances economic, social and environmental issues. Overall, a sustainable approach meets the needs of the current generation as well as future generations— encompassing both short- and long-term goals. Sustainability is unique to each project, based on the business case and objectives of the effort, which is what makes this work so innovative.

Can you describe what sustainability in infrastructure development means and its importance?

Sustainability can be seen in infrastructure in electric and water utilities, roads, trails and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to name a few. We are increasingly being asked to look at our infrastructure developments in new ways and think creatively about tools and methods that generate even more comprehensive benefits– from economic development to public health. Often, we can find solutions that mimic the resiliency of nature such as alternatives to traditional stormwater treatments, municipal water reuse, filtration ponds, alternative pavement products and pollinator-friendly landscaping. In doing so, we are seeing more long-term benefits, lower lifecycle costs and more amenities across a broader range of stakeholders.

In what ways does WSB practice sustainability?

Our projects range from creating strategic five-year plans, 12-18-month workplans and day-to-day operations and policies. These efforts are driven by evolving customer and stakeholder demand for services ranging from electric vehicle charging stations to public health, emissions reductions and resiliency. For any kind of project, we can draw strength from a range of WSB divisions including construction, renewables, transportation planning, landscape architecture, public engagement and more— ensuring that we are carefully crafting the best option for each project.

In the last few years, we recently launched an internal employee-based Corporate Sustainability Team. Our goal is to advance operational efficiencies, make proactive plans, be good community partners, and support a broader swath of societal goals through procurement and emissions reductions. One result of our efforts was the development of a solar array on our Burnsville office building, garnering interest from community partners as renewable energy costs continue to decline. Additionally, our St. Paul office recently received a grant for organic composting so we can learn about commercial opportunities to reduce waste and reuse materials. Learnings from our operational efforts can be shared with our communities and business partners.

Are there any projects that you find difficult to apply sustainability? How does WSB overcome those issues?

We are often asked in our client projects to manage risk, measure impacts and benefits of projects creatively by using expanded methods to build on traditional ROI concepts think long-term about lifecycle costs and benefits to society and business, such as workforce development. Commercial and government leaders are sharing ideas in this emerging impact measurement space, with results that can turn former waste streams into revenue and reduce risk across the supply chain, improve public health outcomes and help communities thrive. 

What excites you about the possibilities of sustainability in the future?

Sustainability is an exciting field because it is continuously evolving. We enjoy exploring what approaches will best meet the needs of projects and clients — it is not one-size-fits-all. Additionally, there is an increasing amount of state and federal funding available for projects. Positive health and social benefits are goals of many funding programs, and by partnering with our clients to take advantage of funding opportunities, these approaches are more accessible. WSB stays apprised of this ever-changing horizon of program opportunities by sorting through eligibility of funding and putting together winning projects in our communities and business partners.

Amy has nearly 25 years of experience across many industries, particularly energy and agriculture, in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. This experience has provided Amy with a broad background that enables her to meet community and business needs based on the business case for sustainability. By working across intersecting systems to simultaneously advance environmental, economic and social goals, she is able to uncover creative solutions. | 612.965.1489