WSB is committed to sustainability by simultaneously advancing economic, social, and environmental outcomes. All three of those aspects are woven into the way we design infrastructure, develop policies for communities, business plans for commercial clients, and work with our clients each and every day.

WSB is promoting innovative initiatives and projects that advance sustainability and are aligned with our comprehensive sustainability plan. For the economic leg of sustainability, that means we’re exploring ways to ensure communities can stay competitive and offer new services for their citizens and local businesses. For the social leg of sustainability, it means championing efforts that advance human rights, being strong community partners, understanding the importance of equity, and ensuring all communities are healthy and secure. Finally, for the environmental leg of sustainability we are rethinking the way we use and interact with earth’s natural systems from making clean energy investments to reducing our carbon footprint.

We are taking action to make a real difference. WSB’s sustainability plan encompasses making changes in our owned and leased office spaces, tackling greenhouse gas reduction in our transportation and construction sector, analyzing options for reducing emissions through our vehicle fleet, reducing material waste in our projects through digital delivery, and continually engaging WSB staff and stakeholders to ensure we’re always moving forward and listening to all voices on how we can make the biggest impact.

And that’s just the beginning.

Want to explore how WSB is advancing our sustainability plan? Check out some of our projects and initiatives below.