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We are a collective of critical, creative and empathetic thinkers with ambitious and disruptive ideas.

WSB University

Through WSB University, employees refine their skills, explore emerging ideas, and collaborate with clients to build what’s next in infrastructure.

WSB University is an innovative learning initiative that reflects our commitment to industry-leading education and continuous leadership development. Our education center features cutting-edge technology, making it a hub where our staff, clients, and experts connect and grow.

Our programs are designed with attention to both current best practices and emerging ideas. With WSB University, individuals don’t just overcome today’s challenges – they equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Employees have the opportunity to engage in:

  • Career and professional growth
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Paid certifications, continuing education, and memberships


  • An accelerated career path just for you.
  • Our unique training program puts individuals, with an interest in civil engineering who lack the educational background, on a straightforward, step-by-step path toward an exciting career. It provides those with a HS degree/equivalent a chance to receive the training, skill building, and networking necessary for a long-term career as a survey crew member or construction materials technician.
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Working in a billable environment

Professional service firms like WSB often track hours by client, project, and type of activity. Staff maintain detailed timesheets which allow WSB to bill hours to clients. This information is also used to track and measure project progress, project budgets, and staff utilization – billable hours as a percentage of time worked. Meeting utilization goals, individually and collectively, is one of many ways we measure success.

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We partner with our clients and communities to build what’s next in infrastructure—the places, spaces and systems that support our lives.

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