Play along with WSB | Road Trip BINGO

Play along with WSB | Road Trip BINGO

Is your family hitting the road this summer? Learn about the places, spaces and systems that support our lives along the way. Public infrastructure is all around us, so much that sometimes we don’t realize the impact that it has on our communities. View our printable BINGO cards below and try your hand at filling your card. Keep your eyes peeled! Some infrastructure is above and below us.


Activity Resource Guide for Kids

Everyone is struggling right now due to stay-at-home orders that are requiring parents to find a way to work from home, manage distance learning for their children and all of the other responsibilities that come with running a household. In an effort to make life a little easier, we have complied this list of fun and educational activities for children. We hope this helps to make this time a bit more fun for your family.

Learning at Home

Screen-Free Activities

Outdoor Activities

Exercise & Cooking

Phone Apps

Homework Help: Free Online Tutoring and More

Collectible WSB Career Cards

We believe in helping to build the workforce of the future.

WSB recently launched a series of collectible career cards to introduce young boys and girls to the extraordinary world of engineering and STEM career possibilities. Each career card offers a glimpse into the lives of six characters; Edie the Engineer, Sam the Scientist, Sophie the Surveyor, Patrick the Planner, Izzy the Inspector, and Erik the Engineer. Edie and her friends have unique traits and career paths but they all share a common goal that drives them to do their best: The future is ours for the making.

“I am excited to tell you about some of my friends. Years ago, we had big dreams for the future. Our entire team at WSB once started off as curious kids with different interests and skills. We’ve all taken unique journeys, but our paths have led us here – where we work together to build and protect many of the places you visit every day. We’re excited to share our experiences with you and can’t wait to see the path you take. Maybe someday you’ll join us too.” –  Edie, WSB Engineer