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Oak Knoll Cemetery, which is owned and operated by the City of Princeton, was experiencing a common problem faced by most municipal owned cemeteries; the record keeping was outdated, inefficient and inaccurate. The city was keeping data in several places, including paper binders, spreadsheets and paper maps, and struggling to keep those records current. As they were responsible for tracking plot ownership, availability and owner details, they needed to develop a more accurate and efficient system for data management that worked for the both the city and the public.

The City of Princeton hired WSB’s GIS team to evaluate their current situation, recommend and implement a solution. By leveraging our GIS expertise and our propriety software solution, we were able to provide a highly accurate and digital solution.

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We created a GIS based, digital representation of their 6,200 plots and 500 cremation spaces by collecting GPS points on the plot corners and headstones that were accurate to within 6-inches. This formed the foundation of the high accuracy digital cemetery layer.

We built the cemetery layer by drawing in additions, lots, blocks, and plots based on the data collected in the first step. All plots were then linked to database records that included first and last name, date of death, date of burial, addition, and owner name.

Once all the data was properly collected and organized, we imported it into our Virtuery software. Virtuery leverages existing Esri technology to allow the city to now search their data by plot ID, name or by simply by clicking on plots located on the interactive map. They can now quickly and easily update data and attach records associated with each plot. Tracking ownership, availability and documentation became significantly simpler.


As a bonus, there is also a public facing interface of Virtuery. The general pubic is able to visit a secured version of the cemetery website using a tablet or phone to search the database using name or plot ID in order to locate a specific plot. It is an easy and intuitive interface that limits the public’s experience to basic map and search functions.








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