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The Green solution to Volume Control requirements.
Stormwater has become one of the toughest challenges on infrastructure projects and new development, especially volume control requirements. Successful surface infiltration is often hampered by a shortage of space, inappropriate soils types, and aesthetics, while underground infiltration is very expensive and creates major maintenance challenges. What if the liabilities associated with volume control could be converted into an asset with an alternative approach? Stormwater reuse can be a very effective method of addressing volume control, and a very “green” approach—literally.

Reuse of stormwater for irrigation of greenspace can address volume control requirements while reducing the water demand of a site. This can be especially important in areas concerned about aquifer depletion, or long term water availability. One of our clients has projects that have been built or are under construction that will handle more than 50 million gallons of water a year on average. Reuse can also be designed as a retrofit project to bring an area in compliance. In another city, a reuse retrofit project involving Eagle Valley and Prestwick Golf Courses treats over 35 MGY, meets the volume and treatment requirements for a major road upgrade, and even brings a local lake into compliance with TMDL standards.

Reuse for irrigation has a potential anywhere stormwater is collected and turf areas exist; it can be particularly effective if designed in conjunction with new development. But it isn’t as simple as connecting an irrigation hose to a pond. A successful design will insure ample water is available, and have the potential to supplement the system if needed. Also appropriate levels of treatment, maintenance considerations, seasonal issues, and advanced control systems should all be addressed in the design. If you are considering a reuse project, or just wondering if it is and option, we have the project experience, trained staff, as well as partnerships with irrigation experts to explore and deliver a reuse project the meets or exceeds your project goals.

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