Ensuring safety remains a top priority.

Who is currently managing your occupational safety and health regulatory compliance, injury prevention and management, and hazard control? If your answer is HR or Operations, there is a more efficient way to maintain these programs and free up your employees to the do the work they were hired to do. Our safety professionals will design and manage these programs for improved safety and reduced liability.

Let our trained and certified experts work with you to develop a customized program designed to meet the needs of your organization. Programs may include any or all of the following components:

Safety and health regulatory compliance
Employers are required to be compliant with State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. This means preventing or effectively limiting employee exposure to hazards, providing safety training, and maintain accurate records of injuries.

Written safety and health program development
Regulations require written safety programs that detail roles and responsibility, safe practices, training, equipment maintenance and other requirements. We deliver a written program that fits your needs and meets all requirements.

Safety and health training
Regulations require training prior to employee assignment or hazard exposure in many situations. This includes fall protection, confined space entry, respiratory protection, and many others. We help you improve your safety program by training employees to recognize hazards and avoid injuries while maintaining compliance with regulations.

OSHA 10/30-hour construction safety training
The training is designed to improve employees’ knowledge of hazards in the construction industry and prepare employees to actively identify and correct hazards.

Compliance audits and hazard assessments
We help you identify elements of your Safety and Health Program that may be missing or need improvement. We provide you with recommendations and help you take the next steps.

Incident management
We work with you to reduce reportable incidents and minimize the number of Workers Comp days. We determine which injuries require documentation, manage a record keeping log and reconcile it annually.

Regulatory citation assisstance
Should you receive a citation for violating an OSHA regulation, we review it, discuss options with you, and provide recommendations for responding and correcting the issue.

For more information on WSB’s Health and Safety Compliance services:
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