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WSB’s Digital Construction Management services advance civil construction project delivery through model-based digital delivery.  The U.S infrastructure market is a $320B industry and will continue to grow over the next two decades. We respect the ever-increasing complexity of infrastructure projects and are dedicated to creating efficiencies, streamlining processes and mitigating risk.

Put your design model to work.

WSB is at the intersection of services and software. Contractors can buy software. They can also buy expertise, but not together. WSB is offering both from one consultant. Through a combination of cutting-edge tools and expertise, we are integrating operational and buildable data within one platform. Our approach fills a hole in the market that did not exist by combining design, contract, field, cost, budget, engineering and specifications.

Our in-house capabilities and commitment to innovation enables full-service support and includes visualization, design modeling, scheduling, data analytics, projects control, IT development resources, construction modeling and survey.

We provide guidance on integrating, visualizing, and disseminating a 3D model in place of 2D paper plans and workflows. We provide the technical resources and expertise to bring digital twins to infrastructure. Our market-leading combination of technical support services combined with model-based design and construction software is changing the way our industry delivers projects.

WSB’s Digital Construction Management Service include:

  • Configuration services that integrate bid-execution-corporate data
  • Development of constructable models from 2D plan sets
  • Deployment services for document management and field documentation
  • Comprehensive technical services to enable digital twins
  • Workflow and custom form set-up to satisfy contract requirements
  • Model validation and iModel creation
  • Quantity management and reporting
  • Contract management, production planning set-up, and configuration support

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