Optimizing assets and maximizing investments.

Pavement Management is like performing an oil change on a car.  It’s preventative maintenance that goes a long way and extends the lifespan of pavement. Through proactive pavement management, our clients maintain quality and safe roadway networks and are financially prepared to make investments in maintenance or rehabilitation when the time comes.

A robust pavement manage program includes a thorough and systematic inspection and rating of conditions throughout a network of roads.  The output is an analysis of varying maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.  This thorough assessment allows for owners to make the most economical and strategic decisions based on real data.

The benefits of pavement management

The goal of a pavement management program is to maximize investments. Preventative maintenance at the right time extends the life of pavement and delays costly repairs. The benefits of pavement management include:

  • Safer, quality roadways
  • Better management of roadway maintenance
  • Effectively evaluate design, maintenance and construction practices
  • More predictable budgets for maintenance preservation and rehabilitation
  • Opportunities to evaluate and improve processes
  • Identify and plan for current and future funding needs

Our pavement management, forensics, materials testing and certification services include:

  • Detailed distress surveys
  • Pavement management programs
  • Capital Investment Planning (CIP)
  • Pavement deterioration forecasting
  • System data management
  • Pavement forensics and soil borings
  • Bituminous Pavement Management (Veta)
  • Facilitation of pavement management citizen’s task force groups

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