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WSB’s team of professional City Administrators, Public Works Directors, City Planners, City Engineers, Economic Developers and Public Engagement Managers work with government organizations to develop actionable strategies for reaching identified goals. Our experience, with both large and small communities, allows us to provide expertise and perspective to help groups realize their potential for success.

Our team of organizational strategy experts work with individual clients to identify their annual goals, gather feedback from stakeholders and create a plan that includes realistic metrics to meet those goals. The process continues throughout the year with optional regular check ins and a year-end annual review to determine the success of the plan and identify areas for improvement in the future.

The process used for developing the strategic plan may include any or all of the following steps.


  • Conduct activities that provide an understanding of the organization’s history and present condition


  • Facilitate in-person discussion sessions with key organizational stakeholders


  • Create a plan for the organization based on findings from the discovery and visioning phase


  • Organize regular check ins and evaluation throughout the year to determine plan success

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We partner with our clients and communities to build what’s next in infrastructure—the places, spaces and systems that support our lives.

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