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We have over two decades of experience providing innovative and cost-effective geotechnical engineering in the public and private sectors. This includes work on roads and bridges and national retail, residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. To meet project needs, our licensed engineers and certified technicians provide an array of lab services.

Our geotechnical engineering services include:

  • Subsurface explorations (drilling and sampling)
    • Penetration test borings
    • Flight auger borings
    • Rock coring
    • Piezometer and monitoring well installation
    • Boring logs (soil classification, N-values, groundwater)
  • Laboratory testing
    • Proctors (moisture/density relationships)
    • Atterberg limits
    • Grain size analysis (gradations and hydrometer)
  • Geotechnical engineering report (analysis and design of foundations, earth retaining structures, ground improvements, slope stabilization, underground utilities and pavements.)
    • Soil bearing capacity
    • Soil parameters (friction angle, cohesion/adhesion/unit weight)
    • Foundation recommendations
    • Estimated settlements
    • Building and pavement subgrade recommendations.
    • Estimated “R” value
    • Pavement design
    • Construction materials testing (laboratory and field)

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