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The balance of engineering, ecosystems and social impacts come together to create sustainable water infrastructure. Water resources focus on flooding and resiliency as well as improving water quality, impaired water bodies,  and regulatory compliance. Our approach has evolved to include integrated design and analysis with expertise in engineering, biology, ecology, landscape architecture and policy development. 

Aging infrastructure presents many unique challenges. We can see the aging and deterioration of things such as roads, sidewalks, and other surface infrastructure; where other infrastructure like ponds and BMPs (Best Management Practices) can be difficult to evaluate and determine when reconstruction or improvements are necessary. Our water resources group has developed an efficient process for evaluating Stormwater Ponds, BMPs and other related infrastructure to determine when it is time for maintenance. Our experienced team understands the importance of ensuring infrastructure continues to meet your needs and situations where retrofits or modifications may be beneficial. 

Our surface water services include:

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