Meeting residents and stakeholders where they’re at.

As a firm, we recognize the vital role public engagement plays in facilitating communication, engaging stakeholders and communities, and achieving success for our clients. In the end, these projects impact our quality of life and ensuring the public has a voice is key to project success.

We are a team of public engagement professionals with a deep background in strategic communications.  We think beyond the traditional open house to strategically address engagement and communications needs.

Public engagement means listening, understanding, and addressing stakeholder needs. We tailor engagement strategies to meet the unique goals of each project through an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive process.

We harness data and technology to better understand project audiences and to shape message and delivery of communications. We leverage this same data and technology to ensure inclusive and equitable engagement, to better connect stakeholders, and build sustainable relationships.

Today, we can reach more people and craft messaging to inspire participation and deliver successful projects more effectively and efficiently than before.

We’re forging ahead and inspiring innovation in our industry’s approach to public engagement through the following service pillars: Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Communications, Risk Management, and Digital Services.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement:

  • We are passionate about engagement.
  • We listen to understand and address stakeholder needs.
  • We build trust, strengthen relationships, and embrace inclusion and diversity.
  • We are community conveners. We listen. We understand. We do.

Strategic Communications:

  •  We are authentic in our communications style. We are accessible and inclusive.
  •  The messages we share are targeted, impactful, and resonate by meeting stakeholders and community members where they are.
  •  We are strategic. We are nimble. We are adaptive.

Risk Management:

  •  We are proactive in identifying and mitigating project or reputational risk.
  • We assess and manage risk before, during, and after projects
  • We work to understand the social, political, and environmental realities and work to ensure our clients are attentive to stakeholder needs and concerns.

Digital Services:

  • Our suite of digital tools eliminates communication barriers and allow us to both share project communications and collect community feedback more efficiently and effectively.

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