Protect environmental resources without sacrificing development.

Environmental regulations are not in place to prevent progress; they exist to enhance progress. Understanding regulations and protocols is the first step in identifying cost-effective, long-term solutions. We help clients understand policies and protect environmental resources without sacrificing progress or project success.

Short on time or field staff? Our team of environmental compliance specialists will help you understand permit compliance to meet regulations and maintain the integrity of your construction site inspection program. We incorporate valuable field experience and BMPs to ensure construction sites are contained and meet environmental commitments. Our specialists have the training and tools to monitor water quality, including pH and turbidity. We provide on-site support through electronic inspections to ensure that a construction site is maintaining environmental compliance and have the tools necessary to implement enforcement, when warranted.

Electronic inspections streamline the process and digital records are easier to manage and access, documentation is always available at the inspector’s fingertips. Our flexible web GIS and field solutions incorporate integrated life-cycle tracking that identifies deficiencies and maintenance actions in real-time. All items associated with an inspection are tied directly to GPS points for added information on location and response timing (i.e., maintenance actions). As a result, these time saving and accuracy measures translate to an overall program cost savings, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Our specialists are trained to identify and mitigate environmental risks and potential permit violations. We work through initial SWPPP design until project completion, with site inspections working to maintain compliance along the way.

Our environmental compliance services include:

  • Rules and policy development
  • Plans, procedures, and protocols
  • Training and employee development and field training
  • Inspection and enforcement
  • Site analysis and review
  • MS4 guidance and assistance
  • Litigation and professional witness services
  • Review, Regulation & Planning

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