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Community and business needs constantly evolve and often involve complex infrastructure challenges. Economic, social and environmental goals are driving communities and business to seek more sustainable solutions.

Making sustainably-minded changes can increase revenue, reduce costs and build new markets and services. We have years of experience in delivering sustainable solutions, such as: water reuse, stormwater and flood management, municipal resiliency, comprehensive planning, native landscaping, and renewable energy.

As interests and concerns are evolving, new approaches to all types of projects are available to meet those changing needs. There are a variety of options that help organizations thrive by creating realistic and sustainable solutions. We tailor recommendations based on client needs and goals. As part of our approach, we explore potential grant or low interest loans to leverage funding to support sustainability initiatives.

The benefits of exploring sustainability services include cost and risk reduction, providing new services, enhancing regional competitiveness, and furthering economic development.

WSB can help you explore a range of approaches such as:

  • Community planning
  • Sustainability and Climate Planning
  • Energy
    • Reduce cost and risk through renewable energy and energy efficiency.
      • Take advantage of tax credits for renewables, rebates for conservation, and hedge financial risk through emissions reductions.
      • Wind
      • Solar
      • Digestors – Learn how waste streams increase revenue through making and selling biogas.
  • Water Reuse
    • Convert waste and cost centers into revenue through water reuse or upgraded infrastructure with bio-energy production. We help clients use less water and reduce costs.
    • Stormwater and flood management
    • Our innovative approach to land development , construction and transportation design reduces impact to local areas while protecting water quality and advancing community goals.
      • When working for clients in water-scarce regions, we incorporate sustainable approaches that encompass the future needs of communities to continue their growth without adversely impacting the environment
  • Vegetation and landscaping
    • Reduce maintenance and labor costs, and enhanced environmental and social benefits through resilient native landscaping, habitat restoration, tree canopies and pollinators.
  • Walkways/bikeways
    • Promote tourism and other economic opportunities to travelers visiting areas adjacent to trail development.
    • Meet public health goals by encouraging active living.
  • Natural Resources
    • FisH2O helps close a sustainability gap by creating a market for live fish that didn’t currently exist, meanwhile affordably addressing invasive species challenges for communities.

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