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WSB has over two decades of experience providing innovative and cost-effective construction materials testing and inspection services to public and private sectors. This includes work on roads, bridges, national retail, residential, commercial and mixed-use developments. To meet project needs, our licensed engineers and certified technicians provide an array of field and lab services.

We understand that a construction project is only as sound as the materials used to build it. With our state-of-the-art materials testing labs, we perform quality control and quality assurance testing. This testing keeps our clients informed so they can make the best construction decisions for their projects. We provide the tools necessary to maximize the value and life expectancy of your investment.

We offer a variety of construction materials testing and special inspections services. Some of our capabilities include aggregate, soils, concrete, asphalt and masonry testing. Our field and laboratory staff work together to bring you the highest quality service available.

  • Certified, Knowledgeable Personnel
  • Client Focus
  • Advanced Capabilities
  • Rapid and Timely Test Reporting
  • Internally and Externally Educated Staff
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory
  • Thorough and Reliable Testing Data
  • Cutting-edge Technological Equipment
  • Vibration Monitoring

We are constantly adapting to meet client and industry needs. Currently, we offer over 100 laboratory testing services for aggregate, soils, concrete, asphalt, and masonry.


In the field, fresh concrete is tested to make sure that it meets specifications for air content, slump and temperature. At the time of testing, we cast specimens to test for strength in the laboratory to determine the compressive and flexural strength of the concrete.

AASHTO-Accredited Testing Facilities

The below labs and testing facilities were granted accreditation by The AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP). This accreditation is limited to the laboratory and the standards for which the laboratory is accredited.

Current AASHTO-Accredited Testing Facility Locations

  • Arlington, TX
  • Burnsville, MN
  • Melissa, TX
  • Moore, OK
  • Paris, TX

Soils and Aggregates

We will help you to determine if the soils and aggregates for your project are being used to their full potential. Field testing includes in-place density testing, shear strength testing, bearing capacity and more. The laboratory offers an extensive variety of testing procedures to examine soil and aggregate properties. Some common examples include proctors, gradations, classification, degradation, moisture content and specific gravity.


Asphalt testing services include roll pattern determination at the time of placement and density testing after placement by use of nuclear density gauge or cores. Laboratory testing includes extraction, gradation, mix design using both gyratory and Marshall methods, angularity, bitumen content, specific gravity and core density.

Specialized Testing

Many key components go into large construction projects. Our skilled and qualified staff can help with bolt and weld inspections, wood truss inspections, reinforcing steel observations, excavation observations, fireproofing, pull-out testing, floor flatness, infiltration testing, piling inspections, vibration monitoring, ground penetrating radar, pre-and post-construction surveys and settlement plate monitoring.

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