Reducing risk and saving money.

Our construction and design teams consist of industry professionals with extensive experience in construction document review for risk analysis, mitigation, and overall constructibility. We quickly and effectively review your project’s plans and specifications to mitigate and address areas of risk, identify areas for cost savings, and reduce claims during construction. We take pride in long-term partnerships with our clients in building safe and lasting infrastructure to meet your community’s goals and to strengthen the success of your overall construction program.


  • Better bid prices because plans and specifications are clear and concise, and ambiguity has been removed
  • Reduced claims during construction because plans and specifications have been vetted to ensure consistency and constructability
  • Reduced risk to the owner because project risks have been reviewed, analyzed, and addressed
  • Review project resource and schedule requirements to identify areas of possible delay

Constructability service includes:

  • Plan review for constructability and for conflicts with specifications
  • Specification review to ensure intent is clear and in agreement with the plans
  • Construction risk assessment
  • Review of measurement and payment specifications
  • Contract Time Determination (CTD)
  • Independent quantity takeoff for pay item verification
  • Review of staging and traffic requirements
  • Cost impact analysis of plan and specification requirements
  • Review of material specifications for cost savings and availability
  • Review of bid documents to ensure they comply with other project requirements
  • Analysis of potential utility conflicts and their potential impact

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