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We worked with Cass County to assess alignment shifts and design a new two-lane roadway on heavily traveled CSAH 77. The project included accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists, while preserving the surrounding environment. Prior to construction, the roadway lacked stability causing the roadway base to deteriorate. We surveyed the area to create a custom design for Cass County that would get CSAH 77 to meet the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) standards, improve overall quality, and meet needs of the community.

We evaluated the environment and conducted a robust public engagement initiative to get feedback on what the future of the roadway should be. These efforts revealed the need for water infiltration systems and wider roads for pedestrians and bicyclists. One priority of this project was to maintain the environment surrounding the roadway, the abundant tree canopy was highly valued by both residents and tourists. MnDOT regulations and community feedback were taken into consideration as part of the final design of this project.

The design incorporated shoulders for pedestrians and bicyclists, and curbs and gutters to reduce impact to the environment. Our plan maintained the canopy and improved stability of the roadway. To treat roadway runoff, infiltration systems and storm sewers were installed, which decreased the sediment flowing into Gull Lake.

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