Working with the water.

Drainage issues can quickly become overwhelming when your community receives a lot of precipitation. We utilize a variety of solutions and technologies to track, assess, and solve drainage related issues for our clients. Below are just some of the tools we use to solve drainage issues:

  • WSB 360° – Capture panoramic video and photos in real-time, grab the screen and rotate videos to get a complete picture. We think beyond streets, we capture footage of streams, rivers, lakes, and other waterbodies in order to identify and document erosion, vegetation issues, flooding and any other issues.

(Crow River video)

  • WSB FlowCam – Capture photos and video from a remote location. We are able to live stream targeted areas to check-in and assess stormwater flooding, erosion, and other drainage related issues. The video below shows an outfall to the Mississippi River shortly after a 1-inch rainfall.

(Mississippi River video)

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