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The restoration of Champlin Mill Pond is part of a multi-year effort to restore the Northern Gateway of Elm Creek in Champlin, MN. Mill Pond had historically high suspended sediment loads, impairing the habitat for native and desirable fish. The goals of the project included fish habitat restoration, water quality improvement, restoring native vegetation, and public education.

Restoration efforts included five areas of major sediment removal to restore deep water habitat within the main channel. Construction of new in-stream structures re-routed water into an existing oxbow of Elm Creek, which restored historic backwater habitat and flushed out accumulated sediment. The placement of habitat structures within the main creek channel such as logs, sunken trees, boulder piles and gravel beds will provide structure for habitat that supports native fish, birds, and other wildlife which live in and around Elm Creek.

The project involved collaboration with multiple public entities and stakeholders, including Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission, Minnesota DNR, USACE, City of Champlin, and Champlin residents. We secured project funding from multiple sources such as Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the State of Minnesota, Elm Creek Watershed Management Commission, and the City of Champlin.

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