South Branch Root River Restoration


Preston, MN





Project Management & Construction Administration

Water Resources

The Old Barn Resort in Preston, MN was experiencing major bank erosion on part of their golf course. We partnered with Old Barn Resort and the Minnesota DNR to address the bank erosion while improving in-stream habitat and improving resiliency in the face of future flood concerns.

The primary design feature was installing 450 linear feet of toe wood along the stream banks that were experiencing the highest erosion rates. The installation of toe wood helps secure the bank against further lateral erosion while providing in-stream habitat and rebuilding the floodplain. We also designed a rock riffle which worked to redirect stream flows to the center of the existing river channel and away from the banks. Finally, we excavated a floodplain bench to provide additional capacity for the South Branch Root River during flood events. This bench was seeded with natural riparian vegetation to prevent erosion and blend with the vegetation of the surrounding golf course.

We worked with the Minnesota DNR to fast-track design and construction of this project, going from project kickoff to final design in just over four months.

Following construction in summer 2018, the project was tested by multiple flood flows during the winter and spring of 2019. The project proved its durability during these major events and will continue to serve as an asset to the Old Barn Resort for years to come.

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