2040 Parks and Trails System


New Brighton, MN




Community Planning

Landscape Architecture

Public Engagement

The city of New Brighton needed a greater understanding of the current state of their park system to properly plan for supporting it over the next 20 years. They hired WSB to evaluate and provide feedback that included data collection, assessment of the park system, evaluation of the existing and proposed trail and pedestrian-way system, and community engagement to better understand the needs of the community.

Through community engagement, residents were able to help shape the vision, goals and priorities of the system plan which informed recommendations for improvements to the parks, trails and recreational programs. The plan guided the city priorities for improvements that resulted in the greatest benefit to the community and created a system that is focused on higher quality with greater flexibility and resiliency. It identified methods for improved revenue generation, partnership opportunities and additional funding mechanisms.

WSB developed cost estimates for the park and trail recommendations, based on priority, and provided concept site plans for several key parks. We provided a system wide comprehensive plan that provides valuable information and recommendations for improvements, development and redevelopment of their parks, trails, and recreation to meet the needs of their community now and into the future.

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