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From a design standpoint, universities can be complex – especially in the heart of a major metropolitan area. WSB collaborated with Texas Southern University (TSU), Harris County Engineering Department, Harris County Precinct 1, and the City of Houston to create a new multimodal transportation improvement project that delivers value to college students, residents, and the community as a whole.

Key elements of the project included reconstructing roadways to replace crumbling infrastructure, and reconfiguring traffic lanes that also worked with METRO bus stops and shelters, the university pedestrian plaza, sidewalks, and the bike facility to create safe campus streets for all users. New storm sewer main trunks were also installed, replacing undersized curb inlets and improving water flow capacity.

Driving Innovation – Rethinking the TSU Campus for Students and Residents

In this total reconstruction project, WSB served as the civil engineering consultant working to ensure the design delivered on the forward-looking goals of TSU and nearby campus, the University of Houston.

One of the main complexities of this project is that it is housed in a mixed zone area that includes the college campus, a high school, single-family homes, multi-family housing, a parking garage, dormitories, and infrastructure that serves private vehicles, pedestrians and public transportation. A METRO light rail system also runs through the area, adding further complications to transportation and design planning.

Throughout the project, WSB worked with all necessary public and private entities and agencies during planning and construction. This ensured that the project met the diverse needs of the community and will deliver value to the City of Houston and TSU for a long time to come.

Bringing Value Today and Planning for Tomorrow

Additionally, WSB worked with TSU to include future planning in this design and construction project. Still in a conceptual phase, TSU is planning an autonomous bus route that will connect its campus with the University of Houston.

The roadway between the University of Houston and TSU was designed and constructed with a wider section to allow on-street parking now, but it can be reconfigured later for the future autonomous bus. This will allow students to catch the METRO light rail train to the University of Houston and then travel on to TSU’s campus by autonomous bus.

As other communities explore autonomous buses, this engineering solution is a wonderful example of how you can design something that works well for today, i.e., expanded parking space, while also planning for different use in the future to adapt to new technologies.

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