Prevailing Wind Park


Yankton County, SD








The Prevailing Wind Park, located in Charles Mix and Yankton County, is a 220 mega-watt wind facility, providing renewable energy to the citizens of South Dakota. To help the developer identify and understand any challenges that might arise throughout construction, WSB performed ALTA Surveying, Micro Siting, and As-Built ALTA services to the project; and provided preliminary turbine and access-road staking.

The team utilized this information to locate monuments, section corners, and survey significant features within the project area. An overall site plan, including parcel lines and major easements was put together and given to the developer in a comprehensive electronic document.

In order to ensure all improvements were in place and within project constraints, WSB completed As-Built ALTA surveys during and after construction, showing all of the proposed infrastructure for the project.

Additional tasks performed by WSB included the identification of all land parcels, rights of way, gas lines, oil wells, cell/microwave towers, occupied homes, underground fiber optics, and fence lines. The team examined setbacks from all existing and planned wind projects nearby, and noted any other features deemed significant in the field. All items were included in the ALTA Boundary survey, and all deliverables were presented to the client.

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