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WSB is assisting 20 city clients in completing lead service line inventories to meet EPA and MDH regulations. Cities include Mahtomedi, Hastings, North St. Paul, St. Paul Park and more. Our goal is to enhance transparency and maintain high health standards in all the communities we work with. Additionally, the inventories will establish robust records and infrastructure management systems for future benefits.

WSB first worked on reviewing historical documents from the city. Historical documentation review includes water system records, construction and plumbing records, home inspection and tap card records. GIS applications are being used to better organize and prepare the data to create a long-term inventory for infrastructure management. This included various maps, homeowner self-report surveys, field inspector app, and customized city websites. WSB efforts were to create inventories that are accessible and easy to use from the city perspective along with meeting the deliverables required by the EPA. This will serve as a lasting document to assist with infrastructure management in the future.

Tailored approaches ranged for each city and included data analysis, GIS mapping, and public engagement to ensure unique solutions for each community. The different approaches consider each city’s population, demographic, and history.

Public engagement efforts included utility bill inserts, letters to residents, postcards, doorhangers, social media graphics, presentations, open houses, and newsletters. Popup events at local community festivals and events are being organizing for most cities.

The next phase of the Lead Service Line projects is replacement which is highly targeted to disadvantaged communities due to historical disparities in lead exposure. This shows an initiative-taking approach to environmental justice concerns in all the communities we serve. The replacement phase will begin after October 16th, 2024, and last for the next 10 years. This is where equity and environmental justice will play a significant role.

WSB’s comprehensive efforts pave the way for upcoming construction projects, reinforcing our commitment to community well-being and sustainable development.