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League of Minnesota Cities 2019 City of Excellence Award

When the City of St. Anthony Village discovered they had issues with 1,4 dioxane in their city’s municipal wells, we immediately stepped in to help evaluate available options. The Water/Wastewater Group studied the Environmental Protection Agency pilot plant studies for 1,4-dioxane and concluded that modifying the existing plant to treat the contaminant with ultraviolet (UV) light and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) was the most cost-effective solution for the city. We also spearheaded a robust communications strategy along with a number of partners to ensure residents were informed during every step of the project.

Completed in July 2017, it is the first plant in the state of Minnesota to use UV technology and hydrogen peroxide together to treat drinking water. The duration of the project lasted 15 months from study to operation, addressing health concerns in rapid time. This process is currently being used successfully in dozens of other treatment systems across the country to remove contamination from more than 250 million gallons of drinking water each day.

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