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The population of Houston, Texas is growing rapidly, causing the region to experience a fiber overbuild, due to constant updating of telecom infrastructure. As a result, the damage to natural gas facilities has skyrocketed, creating unsafe conditions for the public, straining resources and staff, and creating public and community relations problems.

WSB is partnering with a large utility provider to keep the public safe and reduce damages. Using DataFi Pro, a field to office operations solution, the team created a reporting mechanism that documents interactions, establishes program metrics, and keeps the client informed of all activities.

Additionally, TX811, the largest on-call notification center in the nation, which helps protect underground utilities and the public, has faced systematic challenges with Houston’s rapid growth. Many excavators are unfamiliar with TX811, leaving them to unsafely dig around gas lines and other utilities. To grow awareness for TX811 and influence public policy, WSB is planning a marketing and public engagement plan for 2023 that includes social media campaigns, sponsorships, and coalition building.

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