CSAH 11 (Jonathan Carver Parkway)


Carver County, MN






GIS Services

Reality Capture


Traffic Engineering

WSB worked in collaboration with Carver County to expand CSAH 11 (Jonathan Carver Parkway) from 2 lanes to 4 lanes to accommodate regional traffic growth. The expansion created a multi-modal corridor which included grade-separated crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists in the form of pedestrian box culver tunnels. WSB provided staff approved layout, 60%, 90% and final construction plans and specifications, traffic signal timing, construction scheduling, and visualization. What’s more, tapping into digital delivery opportunities, this was the first WSB project to use OpenRoads Designer to create a 3D model of all improvements. The 3D model allowed for the creation of fly-through rendering used at open houses and right of way negotiations. For the environmental component of the project, iTwins digital model was used to design erosion control and a comprehensive stormwater pollution prevention plan. The final project resulted in a multi-modal corridor that serves local and regional traffic demand and improved user safety.


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