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The city of Austin was looking to expand their GIS capabilities across the city. Their organization was seeking new ways that would allow for GIS content to be easily accessed and shared across all departments. The city was also looking to utilize the latest GIS applications and tools available to help effectively manage GIS content from web, mobile, and desktop platforms. This all needed to be accomplished while maintaining a system that was built on modern and secure network infrastructure and being completed on an accelerated timeframe. Because of the longstanding relationship between the city and WSB, the city contacted WSB to get the project started. 

Through WSB’s Managed GIS Services program, WSB first performed an initial GIS assessment. This assessment was comprised of a thorough review of the city’s current infrastructure and future goals pertaining to GIS. Next, instead of taking a one size fits all approach, WSB tailored a custom plan to elevate the city of Austin’s GIS capabilities. The plan included assisting the city with its implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise within Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) secure cloud services platform. Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise is a comprehensive GIS platform which provides organizations with the tools and abilities to effectively manage and share their GIS content across their entire organization. Opting to go with a cloud-based platform rather than an on-premise implementation allowed for WSB to complete the project within the agreed upon timeline and saves the city time/money for years to come.   

By utilizing the custom plan that WSB proposed, the city of Austin was able implement a new Esri ArcGIS Enterprise platform built on top of AWS.  Deploying the ArcGIS Enterprise within AWS provided the city with a small IT footprint while giving the city freedom to grow its GIS presence without restriction. This deployment also ensures the City of Austin has the necessary network resources to continually maintain and build their system as need for future successes. Upon completion of the project, the city of Austin now has a fully functioning and robust Enterprise GIS system which meets their goals of being able to manage content, share resources across the organization and scale as the city grows its GIS presence. 

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