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The city of Moorhead, MN is dealing with extensive traffic congestion due to a set of railroad tracks that run through the center of downtown. In addition to Amtrak passenger service, these railways move freight between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. The trains on these lines often block city traffic for up to five hours a day. In an effort to free up congestion, WSB is working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) on the final design of Highway 10/75 grade separation project to remove two at-grade railroad crossings and replace them with bridges that will carry the BNSF trains above the city commuters.

The project is using the CMGC delivery method which will allow designers and contractors to work concurrently on their design submittals and provide WSB insight into which construction methods are best suited for building the walls and bridges. The WSB Digital Plus process will allow all stakeholders (MnDOT, contractor, city, and county) to work together, in real-time, using our 3D designs to make decisions more efficiently though the various iterations rather than waiting for major project milestones.

iModel - 11th and Main Ave iModel- Simon Warehouse and Prosper Bridge

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