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Mayo Clinic is expanding their Proton Beam Therapy Building and with this expansion they are introducing a new location for their loading dock. The placement of this loading dock will be in the middle of the Destination Medical Center’s (DMC) Heart of the City District. It will also be directly across from the newly renovated Peace Plaza and adjacent to a public alley. The city of Rochester saw this as an opportunity to introduce a loading dock that can be interactive with the community and contribute to the area’s urban look.

Creativity is essential in the design and construction of this new loading dock. WSB produced ideas for the project and, as a sub-consultant for TSP, worked on the survey, civil engineering, and landscape architecture. DMC’s Urban Design Guidelines were used to put together the initial design for this site and streetscape. WSB also worked with the Public Works Department to create a solution to make the adjacent alley more interactive, durable, and maintainable. The aggressive project timeline required the WSB team to work quickly to propose a design solution for approval from the Mayo Clinic and the city’s Community Development Department. Adding to these approvals, a neighborhood meeting was held and the project was approved unanimously by the City Planning Commission and City Council.

WSB’s design included 1/3 acre of the loading dock site to be dedicated to a “pop-up park intended to contribute to the area’s look and create a place for the community to come and relax and take in the city’s beauty.” This park will include adult play equipment, a variety of seating, lighting, landscaping, a large turf area, public art and a food truck area. The public art area will showcase local artists work and the turf area will be perfect for gatherings and informal seating. The landscaping will consist of street trees and perennials using a structural soil medium.  Stamped concrete is being implemented and a colored curvilinear ribbon of concrete provide movement and interest to the pavement. Pedestrian lighting, benches, ornamental railings, portable planters, and bike racks are also added to the areas landscape. This design perfectly provides shade, comfort, and beauty.

The project is under construction now and it is anticipated to be completed in the spring of 2023.


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