Opus Placemaking and Urban Design

Opus Placemaking and Urban Design


Minnetonka, MN





Public Engagement

Recreational Planning & Design

Signage & Wayfinding

Landscape Architecture

Urban Design


The Opus park welcomes visitors with its monument signage on display at the campus entrance. Visitors can visit a map, housed within a kiosk, that features flyers promoting upcoming events in the area. The campus includes colorful pavement representing the colored trail loops and a water feature that is visible from the light rail transit (LRT) platform and doubles as a splash pad.

The area also boasts a performing space located within the line-of-site from the LRT platform. It is placed so that those seated within the amphitheater have views of the water behind the performance space and allows for a large lawn behind the amphitheater for audience overflow during large events.

As part of a collaborative team selected by Minnetonka and Hennepin County, WSB helped to develop designs and urban design guidelines for key areas within the Opus campus. These designs include a new central plaza at the LRT station and various pedestrian nodes throughout the expanded trail network.

Due, in part, to the construction of the Southwest LRT, there is a renewed effort to guide urban redevelopment.

The collaborative process relied heavily on extensive public engagement. Our team was involved in outreach with local property and business owners, design charettes, and sharing several wayfinding options with the public. We used onsite samples and collection of feedback for making final decisions. Our 4k-360 degree camera technology allowed us to collect information on all of the current trail corridors and roadways, which was used to inform decisions during the planning and urban design process. The use of photo-realistic visualizations portraying the proposed improvements helped all invested parties get a complete picture of how the finished project would look.

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