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Earlier this year, WSB assisted the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) by evaluating $6 billion in projects for the Corridors of Commerce Program, developing a concept plan for each of the 160+ projects against MnDOT’s evaluation criteria in just under six weeks. We were confident in our work but did not realize we were on the verge of developing a system that could change the way our clients prioritize their projects, both large and small.

After reviewing our results, we realized that the process, coupled with our expertise, is a game-changer. We began to layout the steps and the specifics that made each part of the process unique. We then formalized the process and created Spotlight. When Spotlight is applied to other scenarios, five major components stood out as a tried and true method for delivering results similar to those produced for the Corridors of Commerce program.

Spotlight shines a light on projects and the process ensures that each project spotlighted is consistently reviewed, analyzed, scoped and scored creating the opportunity to prioritize budgets, timelines and operations. Using Spotlight, we get to the bottom line, together.

Since the formation of the process, our team has applied Spotlight to Mahtomedi’s future TH 244 project and Scott County’s CSAH 17 / TH 13 and CSAH 16 projects. Applying Spotlight to these projects has given us the opportunity to scale the process to fit each project’s size and need. Our team has plans to apply this process to several other cities and counties, partnering with our internal Project Controls team who specialize in contractor cost-estimating.

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