Grand Meadow Wind


Mower County, MN






Natural Resources



The Grand Meadow wind project, located in Mower Counties, Minnesota, involved the installation of 67 – 1.5 MW turbines within a 23-square mile area. The turbines convert wind energy into electrical power for the entire Mower County area. WSB provided services to the 100 MW project, developing a site permit application, wetland and habitat review and ALTA surveys.

The site permit application summarized environmental impacts and mitigation measures, and a separate wetland and habitat study guided the placement of the wind turbines to avoid and minimize impact to the surrounding area.

ALTA surveys were prepared containing digital ortho photos, parcel property boundaries, title information, existing easements, proposed access roads, minimum setback requirements, cable routes and a Site Assessment (ESA) for the entire site.

The survey team provided preliminary turbine and access-road staking to help the developer identify and understand any challenges that might arise during construction. They provided 3rd party verification, confirming all proposed facilities were placed per plan. The team also completed As-Built ALTA surveys during and after construction, ensuring all proposed infrastructure stayed within project constraints.

The Grand Meadow wind project was completed, covering 10,000 acres, and providing clean, cost-effective energy to Mower County.

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