Dakota Slough Wetland Restoration


Prior Lake, MN





Natural Resources


Water Resources

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) were nearing the start of a larger land development project and contracted WSB to help them identify and understand potential risks and impacts the project may have on their land. WSB conducted a topographic and boundary survey of the entire property, discovering that several lower elevation areas that were once used for farming could be restored as wetlands to offset the new development.

The restored wetland can serve as wildlife habitats and flood storage, while providing opportunities for recreation or research.

WSB acted as a liaison between the SMSC and permitting agencies to ensure that the SMSC will receive wetland credits, which can be used to balance out the ecological losses from the land development.

Additionally, WSB led storm water outlet improvements, hydraulic modeling, and overall coordination to make sure the SMSC was set to move forward, knowing that their land is being utilized to provide maximum benefit to the entire community and surrounding ecosystems.

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