With growing demand for subsurface utilities engineering (SUE) for highway and construction projects across the nation, WSB is a one-stop shop that provides clients with comprehensive SUE services, in full compliance with the ASCE standard 38.22. Providing services for all four quality levels A – D, our comprehensive SUE services ensure our clients can maximize cost savings, mitigate risk, benefit from efficiencies in project timelines, and are in full compliance with all state and federal laws and requirements.

Why enlist SUE Services?

We combine sophisticated, cutting-edge technology with decades of expertise and experience.

  • Avoid unnecessary utility relocations
  • Accurate utility information available to the highway designers early in the design process
  • Reduction of unexpected conflicts
  • Precise location and accurate display of all utilities
  • Reduced redesign delays caused by utility conflicts or construction delays caused by damaging unidentified utility lines
  • Reduced contractor claims for delays resulting from unexpected encounters with utilities
  • Enhanced safety for clients, construction teams, the public, property owners, and the environment

SUE Quality Levels

We work with our clients to determine the right approach.

  • QL-D is the most basic level of information for utility locations. It is useful primarily for project planning and route selection activities.
  • QL-C involves surveying visible utility facilities and correlating this information with existing utility records. It is useful for rural projects where utilities are not prevalent or are not too expensive to repair/relocate.
  • QL-B involves the use of surface geophysical methods to determine the existence and position of all utilities within the project limits. The information provided can help accomplish preliminary engineering goals.
  • QL-A is the highest level of accuracy presently available and involves the full use of SUE services. It provides information for precise plan and profile mapping of underground utilities and provides the type, size, condition, materials, and other characteristics of underground features.

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