10 benefits of having an experienced right of way professional on your project

By Penny Rolf, Director of Right of Way, WSB

​WSB is proud to have a group of licensed, right of way experts who understand the planning, design and acquisition processes from start to finish. Our team adheres to the current rules and regulations to ensure all land is legally secured and project timelines are fulfilled. Meeting with property owners to review title information, preparation of conveyance documents, professional negotiations and streamlined data management are ways our right of way staff can support project deliverables and keep clients informed. We provide compliant, creative solutions to navigate the details and complexities of any right of way project.

Here are ten reasons why you should have an experienced right of way professional on your team.

  1. Team player from start to finish
  2. Thorough understanding of federal and state-level regulations for land acquisition and project funding
  3. Expertise of the right of way industry, planning, design and property owner management
  4. Experience in preparing minimum damage acquisition reports (MDA) – an alternative to the standard appraisal process
  5. Preparation of field title reports to verify ownership interests and identify design issues and owner concerns related to the impacts on the property: small design changes during this time can alleviate several owner issues or concerns
  6. Leveraging technology via Datafi software to manage data in the office and field
  7. Providing relocation services for residential and non-residential owners and tenants
  8. Acquiring right of way for:
    • Road and trail projects for cities, counties and Departments of Transportation
    • Utility easements for high voltage electric transmission lines, pipeline, sanitary sewer, and drainage
    • Renewable energy easements for solar gardens and wind farms
  9. Obtaining crossing permits for county and state roadways, trails, utility projects and railroads
  10. Communication experts who will facilitate building strong partnerships with property owners to ensure an equitable process while keeping the project on time and on budget

Penny has over 29 years of real estate experience and 21 years providing project management, relocation services and right of way acquisition for MnDOT, WisDOT and many city and county clients in Minnesota and North Dakota. Penny values cultivating trust and understanding with property owners to ensure settlement negotiations are legally compliant and equitable for all parties involved. She is a licensed broker in Minnesota, Iowa and North and South Dakota. Penny is a certified IRWA CLIMB instructor for both acquisition and relocation courses. 

prolf@wsbeng.com / 763.231.4868

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