Creating space for native species.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are behind some of the most drastic changes to freshwater systems in the world today. They are driving changes in the ecology and water quality of many bodies of water across the United States and every year more cities, states, and local programs act to preserve their local resources.

We partner with these and other stakeholder groups to prevent the spread of invasive species and act to manage or remove those whose populations are already established. We lead the field of invasive fish management, specifically carp and other rough fish.

To bring our innovative invasive species management services full circle, we created FisH2O. By capturing, transporting and selling carp to markets that will utilize the fish, FisH2O closes a sustainability gap that didn’t currently exist in the marketplace. Our clients benefit from an integrated approach to the management of carp and other invasive species to improve the ecology of lakes and other bodies of water.


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