Federal Grant for Tribal Energy Sovereignty








Grants & Funding



WSB collaborated with a local Tribal Nation to develop a multi-year funding strategy to successfully complete a comprehensive federal grant funding application through a new program funded by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This project focused on strategic energy systems mapping to pinpoint optimal project locations and implement initiatives that foster economic development while achieving the Tribe’s climate action goals. 

Our in-house technical energy experts and strategic sustainability advisors coordinated with multiple utility representatives across the Tribe to explore site options, understand interconnection limitations, other solar development logistics, and identify complementary funding opportunities for the proposed project. This effort included utilizing a detailed greenhouse gas inventory across the client’s energy sector to increase the production of Tribal-owned carbon free energy, while keeping the benefits of the project local and equitable. 

To ensure alignment with the Tribe’s objectives, we developed a comprehensive revenue model, placing equity at the heart of our mission. This model incorporated various financial strategies, leveraging available state and federal incentives to maximize funding resources. Our team then facilitated workshops and stakeholder meetings to gather insights, ensuring broad community involvement and buy-in on the proposed project for the grant application. 

This approach resulted in a fully comprehensive and successful application to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the client. Additionally, WSB understands the complexities of grant reporting requirements and can assist clients like SCCIW in navigating these conditions, ensuring compliance and maximizing the benefits of the grant. By partnering with this client, WSB demonstrated its commitment to driving sustainable development and environmental stewardship, helping the Tribe advance its climate action goals and foster long-term economic growth.