Energy Efficiency and Resiliency through Fargo Partnerships


Fargo, ND






Grants & Funding

At WSB, we support your team in advancing organization’s stakeholder-driven goals through comprehensive support for their operational and strategic initiatives. Recently, we partnered with a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary Sustainability & Resiliency Commission of a major municipality to facilitate strategic goal setting, prioritization, stakeholder engagement, development of an 18-month workplan, partnership development, and inventory of the city’s current sustainability practices and strategic goals. This effort aimed to achieve climate and economically smart outcomes.

Our team researched and proposed funding opportunities tailored to the client’s needs listed above and ensured grant eligibility. A key project emerging from our research was the application for a large new competitive federal grant through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This involved analyzing the city’s current energy efficiency strategy for municipal operations, residential and business energy use, conducting a gap analysis, and recommending city-wide energy implementation projects. These projects not only spearheaded partnerships with community-based groups but also drove climate resilience efforts. An energy efficiency grant can significantly enhance cost-effective building energy efficiency improvements, allowing for essential utility infrastructure upgrades and resulting in substantial cost reductions. These improvements will lower greenhouse gas emissions and offer many benefits to the community. Communities will be able to benefit from a reduction of utility bills and improving indoor air quality and comfort, leading to better health outcomes, economic development through job creation, and increased property values. Additionally, efficient buildings enhance grid stability, making the community more resilient to power outages and energy price fluctuations.

A crucial component for the application was our collaboration with local partners, from utilities to community groups, to enhance resiliency initiatives. We also developed a funding structure that supported the implementation project outlined in the grant and established a revenue model to fund future energy-related projects for the city.