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WSB collaborated with a local Tribal Nation to develop a climate action plan through a new program funded by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). As part of this initiative, our team began with stakeholder engagement to understand the organization’s goals, objectives, culture, local economics and staffing resources. WSB engaged in strategic discussions with Tribal stakeholders, workshopping long-term goals and discussing Tribal values of self-sufficiency and resilience to guide the climate plan’s development.

The effort included an in-depth analysis of greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on key sectors such as energy, transportation, waste, and land use. This analysis was integral to the Tribe’s priority climate action plan. WSB collected and meticulously analyzed data, engaging stakeholders to foster collaboration and ensure alignment with the data needs and objectives.

To facilitate this process, WSB utilized best practices from other climate planning documents, incorporating methods like comprehensive baseline assessments and scenario planning to project future emissions under different strategies. WSB also facilitated workshops and stakeholder meetings to gather insights and feedback, ensuring broad community involvement and buy-in.

By identifying emissions trends and patterns, WSB assisted the Tribe in developing targeted strategies and initiatives to mitigate their operational footprint. Our efforts included identifying highest impact energy improvements, pinpointing optimal project locations, and identifying additional funding opportunities. We coordinated with multiple utility representatives throughout the Tribe to explore site options and create a revenue model that aligned with the Tribe’s objectives. Equity remained at the center of our mission, guiding the development of strategies to ensure fair and inclusive benefits.

The project resulted in a robust set of initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing the Tribe’s climate action goals, demonstrating WSB’s commitment to driving sustainable development and environmental stewardship.