Imagery and Surface Elevation

Through visual imagery we share the story, progression, and transformation of the projects that shape our lives. Getting up-to-date imagery and surface elevation aids us in making better decisions for our clients. One way we accomplish this, is through Unmanned Aerials Systems (UAS), or drones. WSB offers leading UAS technology and industry experts experienced in flight planning, data collection, and project delivery.




  • Photography and Videography from an aerial camera captures the scale and progression of projects in a way that is not possible from the ground. Aerial footage is to showcase the compilation of a project or as an efficient and effective documentation tool throughout.
  • 5.2k Ultra High-Definition Video
  • 20 Megapixel Photos


Aerial Panoramas

  • Interactive imagery that captures a 360-degree snapshot from the sky. Users zoom and pan to areas that interest them. This powerful tool can be uploaded directly to Google Maps or shared with a simple hyperlink.

Live Inspection

  • As the world becomes more virtual, offering creative and cost-effective methods for inspection is critical. At WSB, we use drones to capture essential information and broadcast it to anyone in the world, instantly.
  • Aerial Live inspections cover larger areas than is possible with traditional ground inspection methods, saving project stakeholders time and money.


Basemap Imagery

  • Accurate, high-resolution basemaps enhance geospatial awareness and offer clarity and up-to-date imagery not commonly found online. These tiled imagery datasets are tied to accurate ground control and offer resolutions better than 1”.


Reality Capture

  • Bring the reality of a project back to the office or any computer worldwide with realistic photogrammetric models. Using high resolution cameras and photogrammetric software, we create near-survey grade models of an acquisition area. This data is used for geospatial calculations or is analyzed using industry standard mapping software such as GIS or CADG


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