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The city of North St. Paul, MN was looking for a way to efficiently inventory and manage all of their existing infrastructure. Their objectives included being able to account for all infrastructure, adjust GPS locations for accuracy, and to easily track maintenance records. As a trusted partner, the city approached the WSB technology team looking for recommendations on options for managing this process.

Our solution took a two-pronged approach to solving the city's challenges.

WSB facilitated the contracting and equipment acquisition through ArcGIS Online. The purchase of a sub-meter accurate EOS Arrow Gold GNSS receiver, along with the GPS Collection applications we designed, allowed the city to accurately collect and adjust the GPS location of items like sanitary sewers, storm sewers, watermains, signs and streetlights. In addition to documenting physical location, the system was created to allow city employees to attach current photos of each assets to its data in the system in order to document its current condition.

As part of this initiative, we enhanced their current DataLink interface to include the Work Orders and Maintenance Add-on. By leveraging ESRI Collector and Survey 123 applications, our team was able to develop an add-on to the existing DataLink system the city was already using. This system now allows them to:

  • Track due dates and work types for work orders
  • Track work orders status and priority
  • Associate work orders to locations, properties or GIS assets
  • Add attachments
  • Track work order start and completion dates
  • Add comments
  • View work orders due dates through integrated calendars
  • Visualize preventative maintenance

The City of North St. Paul continues to use these innovative solutions in managing their city infrastructure and sees increased user adaption improve each month. The ability to collect field data using GPS location has improved maintenance and repair efficiency. WSB continues to provide system support ensuring that all of the applications continue to work together flawlessly.

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