Imagery and Surface Elevation

High-accuracy data collection is staple at WSB. Getting up-to-date imagery and surface elevation allow us to make the best decisions for clients. Using a high-resolution 4k compatible drone, we produce highly-accurate imagery and apply control points to known locations in order to create a detailed, up-to-date surface model of any project site.

Reality Capture

  • Reality Captures are geospatially precise computer models stitched together using hundreds, sometimes thousands, of photos. The most common type of Reality Captures produced are created from aerial photos.
  • The process begins with accurate ground control points and careful flight planning. A UAS (drone) flies a programmed flight path from varied angles around the acquisition site. These drone photos are then uploaded into special photogrammetric software (ContextCapture). Similar to the way your eyes use altered perspective to build depth, these photogrammetric algorithms use various photos and GPS data to build relief and create 3D models.
  • These visually impressive tools yield extremely accurate and valuable data, often within 0.1’ vertically on hard surfaces. More importantly, this data is easily imported into mapping software such as GIS or CAD.
  • This methodology is commonly used at WSB to provide preliminary topographic surveys at a fraction of the cost/time.

Reality capture

Reality capture

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