Intelligent Enterprise Photo Management

How does your organization manage photos for projects? In most organizations, photos are taken and managed on a variety of devices and platforms. Searching for photos is a time intensive task and storage becomes an IT headache. This was the case for us.

Photo management is a challenge for all organizations tasked with using photos for project  documentation. SmartPix is the solution. With SmartPix, photo management is automated using a combination of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It allows your organization and staff to efficiently acquire, tag, upload and store your organization’s photos.

What is SmartPix

SmartPix is an application that allows field staff to easily and efficiently take, tag, and upload photos from anywhere on iOS and Android devices. Photos are automatically categorized by content using AI and mapped by GIS based on photo location.

Once uploaded, everyone at your organization is able to find photos using an intuitive dashboard that allows searching by tag, project, location on a map and more. Uploaded photos are stored in the cloud allowing your IT staff to breathe easy.

Photo management

Effectively manage data

Searching for specific photos, remembering projects names and locating photos is time-consuming and inefficient. SmartPix is the first step in data management for photo storage and cataloging. Using a combination of AI and GIS, each photo is tagged to show what’s in it, where it is and to which project it belongs.

SmartPix eliminates the need for several software platforms and significantly reduces time spent on photo management. There isn’t another program out there that can deliver like SmartPix.

Photo management

Learn as you go

By employing AI technology, your photos are automatically assigned all the appropriate information at the time they are uploaded to the cloud. To increase accuracy, we allow you to store custom tagging for photos that ultimately trains the AI through machine learning. This training allows the AI to learn as you take photos to further streamline the auto-tagging capabilities of SmartPix. GIS helps you find the correct project locations, ensuring that photos are associated to the right projects.

All of this makes searching for photos effortless.

Photo management

Anywhere, anytime

SmartPix is user-friendly and can be accessed by anyone. The app is designed to work with any smartphone, tablet or computer running iOS or Android; making accessing it from the office or field seamless.

We developed SmartPix, by combining many different technologies to create a streamlined, cost-effective and simple photo management solution. SmartPix is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play store and leverages your organizations investment in Esri’s GIS platform.

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