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MyLink is our client portal that improves internal processes and overall communication. Clients have their own, dedicated page which is customizable with photos, links, featured documents and many other plug-ins to meet their needs.

  • Featured documents include frequently accessed items like utility maps, communication logs, capital improvement plans, recent presentations, or meeting minutes.
  • Other plug-ins include things like project schedules or WSB contact lists, so clients can stay on top of real-time project progress and find the right person to help them when time is of the essence.
  • MyLink allows our employees and their clients to work collaboratively on documents, eliminating the frustration and confusion of multiple versions of the same files being emailed back and forth filling up inboxes.
  • There is no file size limit, all client resources are stored in one place that is easily accessible with just an internet connection.
  • Client documents will always be stored on this site, making it an invaluable resource to clients. All documents are searchable using SharePoint technology through client’s personal MyLink account.
  • New and seasoned employees alike are be able to find any necessary documents quickly and easily.
  • MyLink is a client’s go-to resource for accessing and understanding all of the work that we do for them.
  • It increases efficiency for both WSB staff and our client’s staff, while bringing transparency to all aspects of our services including timelines, communication and budget.

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