Up-to-date visual documentation

WSB 360° captures panoramic video and photos in real-time. Rather than relying on web-based applications that are often out of date, we’re able to capture imagery as it exists today. We think beyond streets and capture footage of trails, streams, bike paths, sidewalks and buildings. This footage creates opportunities for collaboration, project documentation, and in the case of buildings, way finding and asset management.

Why document?

We leverage technology to improve the way projects are managed and communicated by documenting a project from start to finish using 360° photography. The ability to collect this real-time data mitigates possible risk through documentation of every project phase. Strong data minimizes the potential for human error during project documentation and streamlines processes, so you will never find yourself missing the data or documentation you need.

Photographic documentation can be quickly and easily shared with anyone at any time, including residents and stakeholders throughout the design and construction process. Videos are easily accessed through a web-based storage app that is then loaded into Google Street View.

Google Street View creates opportunities for public engagement with little investment. Google doesn’t frequently update their Street View images leaving many rural areas, and some major cities, with outdated images that lack accuracy. Street View rarely gathers imagery from alleyways or rural roads. WSB 360° streamlines photo documentation creating a more efficient and effective format for decision makers and residents.

WSB 360° documents your trails, streams and buildings. It helps to identify changes in streams, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. You can easily locate and document flooding, erosion, vegetation issues, areas needing maintenance, and environmental reporting . The videos can help promote and educate users about trails and streams as they prepare for an outing and give users the opportunity to tour the inside of a building right from their device.


Street View

Click on the following link to view footage we filmed, edited and loaded to Google for the city of North Branch.

Google Streetview of North Branch


360 Floorplan View

Using WSB 360° technology, we can document the inside of a building allowing you to virtually tour it. Using your mouse, you can click on the images to move throughout the building and zoom in or out of the floorplan.


River View


Trail View


Learn more about our WSB360. The webinar below walks through what it is, how it works and how it can help you.


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