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With over 140 miles of roadway, Inver Grove Heights faced serious issues with their pavement management plan (PMP). Although the city actively implemented a PMP over the last 10 years, the city-wide average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of city streets was steadily declining. What’s more, based off soil boring data, the city would have to more than double its budget to make progress on raising its PCI unless alternative pavement management practices were implemented. Based on these budget constraints and the state of their deteriorating pavement, Inver Grove Heights approached WSB to help them facilitate a Pavement Management Citizen Taskforce that is charged with exploring and commenting on different pavement improvement approaches with the ultimate goal of making strides toward a more cost-effective plan to improve roadways.

For this rework of the city’s PMP, it was important to bring community voices to the table, and WSB engaged a variety of stakeholders on the project. WSB provided a team of experts to work with the community’s taskforce for a full analysis of the current program and ways to improve and broaden the impact of the city’s PMP. Other aspects of the program considered, modified and/or endorsed included the city’s annual PMP funding allocation, the city assessment policy, alternative funding sources, roadway project selection process, standard road sections and widths (road diets), and other infrastructure relationships. Commentary and direction on chip seals as an appropriate tool, as well as the city’s maintenance overlays were also addressed in the final report.

At the end of the day, the city wants to be a good steward of the land and of taxpayer dollars. WSB is providing key insights on alternatives to a complete replacement of suspect subsoils, which may not be the only method or most cost-effective method to raise the overall PCI. Widespread use of less intensive methods, such as mill and overlays and full depth reclamation is another option to preserve the existing curb and add considerable additional life and economical value.

The ultimate objective of this effort was to have the full backing of the community and the City Council on any recommendations to enhance or change the PMP. For Inver Grove Heights, WSB provided meaningful expertise, engaged community voices, and helped them plan for the future with an innovative PMP.

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