Sunfish Lake Pavement and Culvert Inspections


Sunfish Lake, MN






GIS Services

Pavement Management

Transportation Planning

Sunfish Lake PCI MapWSB inspected all the city road pavement in the city of Sunfish Lake in the summer of 2021. The pavement surveys included visually inspecting each segment, recording the specific distresses observed, and entering the data into the PAVER program to determine the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of the roads. Additionally, WSB performed 50 culvert inspections that included documenting the condition and functionality of the structures. Proper drainage is crucial to achieve long lasting pavement which is why the culvert data is so important. GIS maps indicating the pavement and culvert conditions were provided along with a report summarizing condition trends. This data will help the city make decisions on pavement and culvert maintenance over the next few years.


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