Minnetrista Pavement Management Plan and Capital Improvement Plan


Minnetrista, MN






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Pavement Condition Index MapDuring the summer of 2021, WSB provided several pavement management services to the city of Minnetrista. The city’s database of street segments was updated to include new segments and any maintenance projects that took place since their pavement was last inspected in the PAVER software. WSB then performed detailed visual distress surveys on over 50 miles of paved city roads. The distresses found on each segment were documented and a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) was calculated for each segment. WSB worked with the city to develop different budget scenarios and modeled how the pavement conditions in Minnetrista would be affected by different maintenance strategies. WSB then created a pavement management plan to optimizes the city’s budget. An updated pavement condition map and 5-year capital improvement plan were provided to city officials. These documents along with a recommended maintenance schedule will help city officials implement the most cost-effective pavement maintenance strategies in the future.

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